Frequently Asked Questions

About the Gathering

We know you have questions. Some of the answers might be here. If this doesn't answer your questions, please contact us now.

Gathering Dates

  1. When is the Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering?
    Due to health concerns about convening a large group of people, we are producing and streaming a series of ticketed cowboy poetry and music films in 2020-2021. Our first film, Keeping the Tradition Alive, is airing until Feb. 28, 2022. The next in-person Gathering will be held February 18-19, 2022, and each year thereafter on the 3rd Friday and Saturday of February.

Gathering Tickets

  1. Is there a charge to see the cowboy poetry and music?
    The 2021 films are $20 per screen ticket, which provides access for any number of viewers on one screen. Watch as many times as you like during our scheduled event dates. Share the poetry and music — additional tickets on the same order are only $5. If you choose to support the Gathering on an ongoing basis, we would love to have you become a member to help sustain it, or make a one-time donation. Members receive discounted or free tickets to the films, and early access to 2022 tickets. For only $10 per month (Silver Member level), you can access all the films and clips we create in the coming months.
  2. How many films are scheduled?
    Our first film is complete. It began streaming in Dec. 2020, and is continuing through 2021 and into 2022. We are producing others. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Keeping the Tradition Alive Fund in Oct-Nov. 2020 to empower us to produce additional top-quality films showcasing cowboy poetry and music. Together, we raised $29,386.
  3. Where do I buy tickets?
    Tickets for the film are on sale now. Members receive discounted or free tickets to the films and early access to in-person tickets, as well as the satisfaction of knowing they are helping the Gathering continue.

Gathering Performers

  1. Who is performing in the 2021 films?
    Our first set of performers in Keeping the Tradition Alive includes poet Joel Nelson (filmed at his ranch in Alpine, TX); musicians Dale Burson, Randy Huston, and Rod Taylor (filmed together at Rod's ranch near Cimarron, NM, with some footage at Randy's ranch near Rociada, NM); and R.W. Hampton (filmed at his ranch near Cimarron, NM). Narration is by John Moore, known as a horse trainer and musician. The film was produced, directed, and edited by John and Erika Moore.
  2. Who is performing in the 2022 Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering?
    Performers are not yet scheduled for 2022. See the list of 2020 performers with links to their photos and biographies. Please sign up to receive the newsletter to stay up to date as we highlight performers before the 2022 Gathering.

Gathering Location

  1. Where is the Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering?
    For the winter of 2020 and in 2021, the Gathering will be in your living room or wherever you choose to view our ticketed virtual events. In 2022, the Gathering will be headquartered on the campus of Sul Ross State University in beautiful Alpine, Texas.
  2. Tell me more about Sul Ross State University.
    Sul Ross State University enrolls about 2,000 students on its Alpine campus in the Davis Mountains. The school has a working ranch as part of its animal science programs, and SRSU is the birthplace of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. The Museum of the Big Bend is located on the Alpine SRSU campus. SRSU also has campuses in Del Rio, Eagle Pass, and Uvalde, offering upper-level courses leading to bachelor's and master's degrees.
  3. Where can I stay if I want to attend the Gathering in Alpine in 2022?
    Please see our lodging page for options.

Gathering Format (Alpine, 2022)

  1. Is there a charge to attend the Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Alpine?
    There was no charge to attend the Gathering in 2020, other than the ticketed afternoon and evening shows, and the Chuckwagon Breakfast.
  2. Will the Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering have open mic sessions in 2022?
    There were two open mic sessions on the schedule for February 2020. They were fully booked, and will continue in 2022.
  3. Will there be a Chuckwagon Breakfast?
    There was a Chuckwagon Breakfast both Friday and Saturday at the 2020 Gathering, with a great turnout both days. Watch the ticket page for info on 2022 tickets.

Gathering History & Organization

  1. What happened to the Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering?
    The widely acclaimed Texas Cowboy Poetry Gathering was held in Alpine for 33 years. In February 2019, the steering committee for the TCPG announced that the 2019 event would be the final event.
  2. How was the Inaugural Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Feb. 2020?
    It was great! Attendees enjoyed it. Check our social media accounts for photos.
  3. Is the Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering a non-profit organization?
    Yes! Our purpose is exclusively charitable and educational in nature, and shall be to remember, recite, sing, record, publish, illustrate, film, portray, broadcast, market, and honor narratives of the cowboy way told in poetry, song, stories, and art by those who have lived that life to those who enjoy and learn from it every day.
    We inform, engage, and mobilize all ages to take actions, raise funds, and participate in events, media, and curricula that celebrate, communicate, and promote the cowboy way of life everywhere.
    We received 501(c)(3) status retroactive to the date of our founding (July, 2019). All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.
  4. Who directs the Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering?
    Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering incorporated in July, 2019. As of September 2020, the board of directors is made up of Elizabeth Baize, Fort Davis; Rachel Barrett, Alpine; Robbie Burns, Alpine; Jim Goodnight, Dallas; Karen McGuire, Alpine; Kay Nowell, Alpine; Gene Nowell, Alpine; Jim Street, Alpine; Julie Stovell, Alpine; and Gilbert Valenzuela, Alpine. Event producer: Bob Saul, Fort Worth. Film production and advisors to the board: John and Erika Moore, Durango, CO.