Your help is appreciated

We're so happy you found your way here! It takes lots of us to make the Gathering happen.

You don't have to live in Alpine to volunteer. Some tasks can be done remotely, and some tasks will take place onsite during the event.

Ways to Volunteer

Please click on any team name below to read more about what volunteers do. To volunteer for one or more teams, check the box next to the team name and complete the form.

  • Advertising Team
    Generate and place advertising.
  • Ambassadors
    Represent the Gathering in your local community. Recruit volunteers, members, and sponsors. Distribute promotional materials to retail outlets and public spaces. Needed in Big Bend region, across Texas, and in neighboring states.
  • Audio Tech Team
    Manage PA system in each performance space.
  • Hosting Team
    Serve as primary point of contact for performers and VIPs (answer questions, provide info).
  • Lodging Team
    Answer emails, text messages, and phone calls from prospective attendees about lodging options.
  • Logistical Team
    Plan and manage logistics for Gathering.
  • Meals Team
    Serve meals to performers at Wesleyan Center across from SRSU campus.
  • Merchandise Team
    Staff the Mercantile room (Gathering and performer's products).
  • Membership Team
    Recruit and communicate with members and potential members.
  • Newsletter Team
    Generate and publish periodic newsletter.
  • Parking Team
    Attend at parking lots.
  • Public Relations Team
    Generate and place news releases, and manage PR interviews.
  • Security Team
    Serve alongside SRSU security on campus.
  • Shuttles Team
    Drive shuttle or serve as shuttle attendant during event.
  • Social Media Team
    Generate and place content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Staging Team
    Arrange staging props and seating for performances.
  • Sponsorship Team
    Recruit and communicate with sponsors and potential sponsors.
  • Ushers Team
    Provide programs and information inside performance spaces.
  • Ticket Taker Team
    Scan tickets at venues.
  • Volunteer Recruitment Team
    Recruit others as volunteers.
  • Volunteer Management Team
    Plan and manage volunteer team training, assignments, schedules, and activities.
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