Gail Steiger

Director, singer, writer
photo of Gail Steiger

Gail has been the foreman of the 50,000 acre Spider Ranch since 1995. He produced and directed a film called Ranch Album in 1987. He's recorded 2 CDs: The Romance of Western Life in 1999, and A Matter of Believin' in 2015.

Gail has traveled to Mongolia, Brazil, Argentina, France, Spain and Hungary with the Western Folklife Center in connection with their cultural exchange program, working on a documentary project about cowboys around the world. He recently traveled to Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, at the invitation of the US Embassies in Kabul and Ashgabat, to try to connect some American cowboys with Afghan and Turkmen horsemen and herders.

You can see Gail in The Legacy Lives On, our second film.

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