Thursday, May 9, 2024

Howdy everyone!

Today's topic: Gathering performers, and our 2025 Performers Fund. What do we try to achieve with our performers?

Dom Flemons getting an autograph from Andy Wilkinson backstage

Thirteen performers onstage in Roll On, Cowboys

Butch Hause performing from the sound booth during the Thursday night show

All of this takes money -- quite a lot of it.

Right now, we are building our 2025 Performers Fund, and we need to ask for your help.

1) Are you someone who wants to help inspire others to give? Then please join our pledge pool of matching funds. Your contribution will be used to double-match the donations of others. Any pledge amount is welcome, and payments can be made by card or check. Pledge payments are due September 1, 2024, and cards on file will be billed on that date.

2) Do you want to give and have your contribution tripled? Our goal is $90,000, and everything helps. You can donate right now, and watch the bar graph move. We already have enough pledges committed to double-match donations up to $10,535.

Cowboy poetry and music gets under your skin. It's raw, real, sometimes silly, often tender, and tightly connected to history, domesticated and wild animals, and the land. Please help us continue bringing poetry and music to Alpine each February.

All the best,
Kay and Gene Nowell
Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering

P.S. To donate now and have your donation double-matched, click here. Thank you!

P.P.S. To inspire others to give, join our pledge pool of matching funds. Payments are due September 1, 2024, and cards on file will be billed on that date. Thank you!

All photos above are by Jessica Brandi Lifland.

Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering
April 2024

Board of Directors
Elizabeth Baize, Fort Davis
Robbie Burns, Alpine
Marian Freeland, Alpine
Bill Jones, East Tennessee
Karen Lloyd, Alexandria, VA
Karen McGuire, Alpine
Kay Nowell, Alpine
Gene Nowell, Alpine
Vess Quinlan, Alamosa, CO
David Richmond, Lindrith, NM
Chris Ryden, Midland, TX
Jim Street, Alpine
Parick Sullivan, Fairfax Station, VA

Event Producer
Bob Saul, Fort Worth

Film Production and Advisors to the Board
John and Erika Moore, Durango, CO

Advisors to the Board
Rachel Barrett, Alpine
Jim Goodnight, Dallas
Andy Hedges, Lubbock

Mailing address:
Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering
P.O. Box 1076
Alpine, TX 79831


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