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Every $1 you give becomes $3

Several donors have pledged $ to our double-match pool. Every donation up to a total of $ that we receive through this 2025 Performers Fund will be double-matched from the pool. So any dollar you give becomes $3!

Together, we can raise $ to help cover the largest expense of the Gathering, which is paying the performance fees and lodging for more than 40 performers. You'll see the bar graph below change as donations are received.

Goal: $
Double-Match Pool: $
Donations up to $ will be double-matched.
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Any amount you donate will be tripled. You may donate by credit card or check. Enter your donation below.

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* Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Following Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules, a tax deduction receipt will be issued to donors at time of payment.