Tom Sharpe

Horseman, cattleman, poet
photo of Tom Sharpe

Tom was born and raised in south central Colorado, where he started riding colts for hire at age 11.

Convinced from birth that one must be good with horses to be good with cows, he has spent his life studying horses and following cows. After graduating from Colorado State University, Tom traveled across the country working the cattle industry, from top to bottom, in 11 different states. He started writing poems in the 1970s while tending livestock.

For the last 20 years, he has shown Versatility Ranch Horses and shared knowledge with kids in the 4-H program. Totally committed to making better horses and better kids, he continues to study at his trade.

He has performed in cowboy poetry gatherings across the western United States. In 2020, Arizona Cowboy Connection published his book, Hoof Tracks.

He lives in western Colorado, and is working on his second book of poems and short stories.