Amy Hale

Author, poet, speaker, cowboy
photo of Amy M. Hale

Photo: Jessica Brandi Lifland

Amy M. Hale is an award-winning author who lives and works on Spider Ranch, a 50,000-acre cattle operation in the rough terrain of Central Arizona where the goal is to raise food in a sustainable manner while working in tandem with government agencies. Amy and her husband, Gail Steiger, who cowboy together on the ranch, are sought-after presenters of story, spoken word, and music in venues all over the country.

While Hale writes about the specific places she inhabits, she inspires readers to find and inhabit their place in the world. Hale's distinct voice is infused by flash & slam and her innate ability to distill ideas appeals to readers who are aspiring to dwell in the sacred everyday, or longing to leave behind that which is safe, but small.