Yvonne Hollenbeck

Poet, songwriter, rancher, quilter

Yvonne Hollenbeck performs her original poetry throughout the United States. She is one of the most published cowgirl poets in the West and co-writes songs with many western entertainers. She also pens a weekly column in the Farmer-Rancher Exchange and writes articles about life in rural America in various publications throughout the West.

A three-generations-old family ranch is home to Hollenbeck and her husband, Glen. Together they raise Angus beef cattle and quarter horses. Hollenbeck's poetry reflects everyday experiences that arise while sharing the range with Glen and their neighbors. Mostly humorous in nature, her poems take a turn toward the serious side, especially the stories of her mother's and grandmothers' lives. Hollenbeck often writes about women on the ranches of the Great Plains.

She has published multiple books, including A Stitch in Rhyme - Prairie Patchwork and Poetry, Rhyming The Range, and What Would Martha Do?. Her CDs include Rhyming The Range, Pieces of the Past (2008 Best Cowboy Poetry CD, WMA), What Would Martha Do?, and Sorting Time.

"No poet in America has a better feel for and understanding of the folks in our agricultural society. She shows us the struggles, the sadness, and the humor of the folks who feed us."
Red Steagall

"A clear and compelling voice of the plains, South Dakota ranch wife Yvonne Hollenbeck shares her everyday life in both humorous and thoughtful poems. An authentic American treasure, she uses her exceptional gift in the most delightful and meaningful poetry that touches, amuses, edifies, and entertains reader and audiences everywhere."
Margo Metegrano