R.P. Smith

Rancher, humorist, and cowboy poet
photo of R.P. Smith

R.P. Smith is a fourth-generation rancher from Broken Bow, Nebraska. In the ranching game, it never hurts to have a little side gig, and for over thirty years, humor and cowboy poetry have been a creative outlet for him. He greatly appreciates the opportunities to entertain that have allowed him to participate in events in eighteen states and even a quick trip across the border to the north.

The last couple of years have been pretty slow for entertaining, which has given R.P. a chance to start a few more projects around the ranch. He is not sure things will ever get slow enough for him to finish any of them.

He continues to produce a weekly radio program called Homegrown which airs on several stations across Nebraska and Texas, and is also available on the web at www.rpsmith.us.

R.P. is looking forward to being blessed and sharing the Lord's blessings with friends old and new as our trails cross at the 2023 Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Website: www.rpsmith.us