Trinity Seeley

Singer and songwriter
photo of Trinity Seeley

The purity of the songs written and sung by Trinity are a deep-rooted reflection of the ranching lifestyle she lives and loves. Trinity was raised in British Columbia, Canada, with horses and music in her soul. Her life has taken her from Ojai, California, to the high plains of Wyoming, the sandhills of Nebraska, and finally to the Big Belt Mountains outside Cascade, Montana, where she and her husband, Jeff, and their four children live and work on a cattle operation. Singing from the perspective of a ranch wife, cowgirl and mother, Trinity's honest lyrics touch the heart.

"Music and storytelling are a much a part of working on a ranch as a saddle is to riding horses. Trinity Seely embraces the oral traditions of the cowboy life and offers a musical window into her life as a cowgirl and ranchwife."
— Jennifer Denison, Western Horseman