October 8, 2019 Newsletter

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Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering
Alpine, TX * Feb. 21-22, 2020

10/8/2019 Update
by Rachel Barrett

Your trusty Lone Star Cowboy Poetry board members and volunteers are spending long hours in the proverbial saddle, bringing our Gathering up the trail toward next February.

First, a huge thanks to all the wonderful folks who have reached out through our website and word-of-mouth, offering help, support, and encouragement as we work to plan the Gathering. The previous Gathering's committee has also given us a tremendous foundation to spring from as we build this new group. We couldn't do it without each and every one of you!

Fundraising, advertising, goals

Our fundraising committee has made amazing strides since beginning their work. A generous grant has given us the opportunity to reach out huge distances in our advertising and publicity. We are exploring many advertising avenues, including a number of Texas magazines.

Our goal as we build support for the Gathering is to refrain from commercialization, in order to present art that speaks deeply to audiences in a down-to-earth, heartfelt way. We are currently cultivating relationships with local sponsors and donors, as well as others across Texas and nationwide. Board member Jim Goodnight of Dallas, along with our Event Producer Bob Saul, is at work developing levels of sponsorships to present. This makes it possible for a variety of businesses, groups, and individuals to each choose their own best ways to support LSCPG.

Schedule online, performers coming soon

Our board members have been working overtime organizing February's schedule and booking performers. Regulars from years past are eager to return, alongside up-and-coming artists who can't wait to join in. As we assemble a great lineup, our goal is to host a gathering that, rather than straying into Hollywood or "show biz," showcases the authentic working cowboy's lifestyle passed down for generations and still thriving today.

Last and most exciting, we are proud our official website, LoneStarCowboyPoetry.com, continues to get a large number of views every day. Tell others about us. Stay tuned there and to our newsletter for information and updates, details about February's schedule, spotlights on our performers, and much more!

Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering
Board of Directors
October 2019

Rachel Barrett, Alpine
Robbie Burns, Alpine
Randy Cowell, Alpine
Jim Goodnight, Dallas
Karen McGuire, Alpine
Kay Nowell, Alpine
Gene Nowell, Alpine
Jim Street, Alpine
Julie Stovell, Alpine
Gilbert Valenzuela, Alpine

Event Producer
Bob Saul, Fort Worth

Mailing address:
Lone Star Cowboy Poetry Gathering
P.O. Box 1076
Alpine, TX 79831


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