Barry Corbin

Character actor, playwright, narrator, horseman
photo of Barry Corbin

A native of Lamesa, Texas, Barry Corbin loved the Saturday afternoon westerns at the Majestic Theater, and spent summers on horseback at his grandfather's place. He graduated from high school in Lubbock, studied theatre at Texas Tech, worked on an oil rig, and spent two years in the Marine Reserves. After more than fifteen years as a stage actor and playwright, he landed the role of Uncle Bob in Urban Cowboy with John Travolta. He's rarely left the large or small screen since. His acting in movies and television has continued, as has his voice work in audio books, commercials, documentaries, animated shows, radio promotion, and video games.

In 1996, Barry premiered a one-man show written with Andy Wilkinson, called Charles Goodnight's Last Night. Corbin says, "What is important today about Charles Goodnight is the man's unshakable belief in right and wrong. He lived by a code, which most people on the frontier did. And that's almost unheard today."

He has also been an avid competitor in cutting-horse competitions, saying, "It's a combination of dancing to the best George Strait song, and riding the best roller coaster that you could find." Corbin explained that when he acts in a western, he plays his granddaddy, a real life cowboy and farmer who has been a lifelong hero to Barry. In 2018, he was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, in Oklahoma City. He says it's his favorite award.