Keeping the Tradition Alive Fund

Keep cowboy poets, storytellers, and musicians performing!

Jumpstart Our Virtual Events
Every $1 You Give Becomes $3

We are currently producing our first virtual event (a 90-minute online broadcast) featuring three cowboy poets to be streamed in late November. Our Keeping the Tradition Alive Fund will empower us to produce additional top-quality online cowboy poetry events.

An anonymous donor has pledged $10,000 to double-match every donation we receive through this Keeping the Tradition Alive Fund up to a total of $5,000 between now and November 15. So any dollar you give becomes $3! Together, we can raise $15,000 to ensure more virtual cowboy poetry events.

Our film crew is traveling to the home ranches of the performers to see the vistas that inspire them, the livestock they raise, and the dust they chew as they work. That takes time, money, and good equipment. But we think you'll love the end result. Won't you pitch in?

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What you get:

  • Up to $50 gets our thanks and your satisfaction of jumpstarting our virtual events.
  • $50 or more gets the above plus one free virtual event ticket.
  • $100 or more gets you a membership plus your name listed (if you want) as a supporter.

What we get:

  • Support through the pandemic, plus
  • Funding for production of professionally-filmed virtual cowboy poetry and music events.